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What is a Q42.Wheel?
Q42 is a Netherlands based internet development company. In recent years we have built a toolset of reliable and reusable toolsets. These tools are called Wheels, don't ask us why, they just are. because you don't want to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Thnx Jaap for providing this crucial piece of information.

What is Q42.Wheels.Mvc.Paging?
One of the aforementioned tools is a generic helper for creating paged and sorted lists in a .Net Mvc application.

How does it work?
It's simple. By adding an attribute to the ControllerAction named [Paging] the ViewData is extended with a Paging object. This object tracks all paging/sorting clicks and controls internal counters. Extension methods and Html.Helper methods help generate the necessary links.

Well that's nice, but how does it work?
Hmm, ok. We need some more in-depth documentation. For the moment though, be advised that the project ships with an extensive example implementation. It enumerates and then pages and sorts your C:\Windows dir, so no security problems there. It's just there to show the possibilities in a concise way.

Is there nothing you can offer by way of some sort of kinda documentation?
Ok. Click here for some (very basic) code snippets.

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